HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography

First published on: Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Scott Kelby’s article, “What They’re Not Telling You About HDR Images“, reveals the secret about how “non-photographers” actually tend to prefer HDR images over standard color images most of the time.

HDR before-and-after example by Scott Kelby

Scott writes:

There’s a secret about those “over the top” HDR images that you don’t hear a lot of non-HDR photographers talk about. While many of these photographers don’t like HDR images at all…

…non-photographers absolutely love them!

That’s right—-regular, non photographer people love those over-the-top HDR images. Even though it’s seldom talked about, I think that’s incredibly important to know.

Matt pointed out something a while back while we were talking about this, and it has proved itself time and time again. Matt mentioned that if he sends a group of images to a magazine, or a Web site, etc., for them to pick a photo to highlight, they always (always!) choose the HDR shot.

This has implications for commercial photography, and is something you might want to consider adding to your portfolio or repertoire of images you’re showcasing to your potential clients.

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