Full-sized Pentax W60 photos in this Japanese review

First published on: Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Here’s an excellent set of nine Pentax W60 samples presented in a Japanese review.
Full-sized Pentax W60 sample photos from a Japanese review

You might like to use Google’s Japanese to English translation service on the Pentax W60 review at trendy.nikkeibp.co.jp.

My favorites from the review are as follows (click the thumbnail for the full-sized image):

  1. The amount of sharp detail captured is excellent in this ISO 50 photo of a flower:
    Pentax W60 flower photo

  2. This is a photo of the exterior of an airplane cockpit photographed with the lens on the W60 at full telephoto zoom (or, 140mm in 35m terms).:
    Pentax W60 photo of the exterior of an airplane cockpit taken at full telephoto zoom
    The level of detail is pretty good.

  3. The ISO 200 cat photo is a nice example of a wide-angle perspective of a subject at close range, taken with the lens at 28mm:
    Pentax W60 cat photo at 28mm
    There’s visible noise, especially in the darker areas of the photo, but the chroma noise cleans up pretty well in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
    The photo of the house by the stream is also another good example of how useful the 28mm focal length is:
    Pentax W60 photo of a house by the stream
    I have to say that there’s almost no trace of purple fringing around the outline of the leaves against the sky — this is indeed good performance by the W60.

  4. Two ISO 400 photos show how well the W60 controls noise in images. To me, the noise structure looks more than acceptable, with no undue amount of detail smearing.
    This is an image of a lamp:
    Pentax W60 photo of a lamp taken at ISO 400
    And a macro close-up photo of an insect:
    Pentax W60 macro close-up shot of an insect at ISO 400

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