Fujifilm F770EXR Manual — PDF Download Available Now

First published on: Friday, 28 September 2012

Fujifilm F770EXR Manual

The official user guide for the Fuji F770 EXR is a 164-page, 2.46 MB PDF document titled “Fujifilm FinePix F770EXR Digital Camera Owner’s Manual”.

Use this link to download the operating instructions to your drive or view it directly in your device’s browser.

Go here if the download link provided above didn’t work for you.

The handbook provides very useful information to current or prospective buyers of the F770 EXR. For instance, macro shooters might be interested in the following measurements of focus range (subject distance from the front of the lens) vs focal lengths at either extremes of the zoom range, found on page 138:

  • Normal mode: Approx. 45 cm (1.4 ft.)–∞ (wide angle); 2.5 m (8.28 ft.)–∞ (telephoto).

  • Macro mode: Approx. 5 cm–3 m/1.9 in.–9.8 ft. (wide angle); 1.3 m–3.0 m/4.2ft.–9.8 ft. (telephoto).

For your reference, the following information on optional accessories have been extracted from the manual and listed below:

  1. Rechargeable Li-ion battery NP-50
  2. Battery charger BC-45W — charges the NP-50 in about in about 150 minutes at +20 °C (+68 °F)
  3. AC power adapter AC-5VX and DC coupler CP-50 — these connect the camera to an electrical outlet for extended use.
  4. Digital viewer FINEPIX REAL 3D V3 allows you to view 3D images without 3D glasses.


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