Fuji F300EXR Manual / Operating Instructions — PDF Now Available For Download

First published on: Saturday, 24 July 2010

Fuji F300EXR

The English Language Fujifilm FinePix F300 EXR (also known as the FinePix F305EXR) user manual / operating instructions (FujiFilm calls it the “FujiFilm FinePix F300EXR Digital Camera Owner’s Manual”) is now online and available for download at FujiFilm.com (right-click and save the user guide to your hard drive).

Fuji F300 Manual

If the download link didn’t work for you, go to the official F300 / F305 site and manually locate the file in the Manual section.

Unlike with Nikon, Fuji allows you to freely print the F300 owner’s handbook without building in any password protection into the PDF.

The file size of 144-page Fuji F300 Adobe Acrobat PDF document is 3.9 MB (megabytes).

The guide discusses the features of the F300 and how to use the camera.

It also describes the use of several optional accessories. The page references are:

Page 121: Using the AC-5VX AC power adapter and CP-50 DC coupler.
AC-5VX AC power adapter and CP-50 DC coupler accessories, as described on page 121 of the Fuji F300 manual

These power supply options are useful for extending the operational hours on the F300EXR.

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