Eye-Fi Pro Reviews, References and Hacks

First published on: Sunday, 14 June 2009

Last update (Jun 19, 2009): Hack: Standalone Eye-Fi server written in Python.

This post is a compilation of links to Eye-Fi Pro wireless / Wi-Fi SDHC memory card professional reviews and user opinions.

Links to relevant reference websites are also included.


User experiences, opinions and review by Alan Bland

Beta Testing the Eye-Fi Pro — a RAW deal?

Alan is thoroughly documents the use of the Eye-Fi Pro card in transferring RAW PEF and DNG files from his Pentax K10D to his Windows computer over a wireless 54 Mbps 802.11g network.

Alan concludes:

Overall, it was a delight being able to beta test this product. It was very convenient to be able to view images on the computer without having to connect a cable or remove a card, especially when the camera is mounted on a tripod. Being beta, there were a few crashes in the Eye-Fi Manager software, but they were fixed by later software updates. At no time did I encounter a missing or corrupt image during the testing, even on those few occasions the Manager software crashed. I’m looking forward to continue using the Eye-Fi, especially for studio work.

Additionally, you can read more of Alan’s thoughts on the Eye-Fi Pro card in the following forum posts:

  1. Eye-Fi now supports RAW image transfers.

  2. Camera write speeds to the Eye-Fi Pro card is slower than to a Sandisk Ulta II card.

Eye-Fi Pro Wireless SD Card Review at Gizmodo

Sean Fallon, the reviewer, issues the following verdict:

The best keeps getting better. We already knew that Eye-Fi cards were great at their main task of delivering photos wirelessly to both your computer and photo sharing sites like Flickr and Facebook, but a steady stream of upgrades has vastly improved the card’s capabilities. In addition to the new Pro features announced today, previous cards have added larger capacities, video support, geotagging and hotspot access.

Eye-Fi Pro and Nikon D90: A perfect match

Mike, the reviewer, has positive things to say about the use of the Eye-Fi Pro on his Nikon D90, which eases the job of moving photos off his camera and transferring them to his MacBook Pro:

Using this card has changed my photography workflow. Instead of shooting pictures, then removing the card and using a card reader to import them into Aperture, I just let it send the pictures wirelessly to a folder on my MacBook Pro, where I can then import them Apple Aperture.


Official site

The official Eye-Fi site is http://www.eye.fi/.


Check the Eye-Fi compatibility page to make sure our camera works with the Eye-Fi card.

Geotagging service

Find out how Eye-Fi cards geotag your photos.

Eye-Fi Forums

Visit the Eye-Fi user community boards where a variety of topics is discussed.

You might want to first visit the Eye-Fi Card and Geotagging sub-forums first.


For the technically inclined, read Jeff Tchang’s article on a Python script which creates a “… standalone Eye-Fi Server that is designed to take the place of the Eye-Fi Manager“.

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