Canon XTi / 400D Reviews and Tests

First published on: Tuesday, 26 February 2008

I don’t confine the links collected here only to established and trusted sites, but also link to tests and reviews shared by owners of the Canon 400D. Taken together, you should be able to come to an informed decision on whether the EOS Digital Rebel XTi is the right camera for you.

  1. A very useful test by Häakon comparing the ISO1600 capabilities between the Canon 400D vs Canon 350D — 100% image crops of various night scenery and written observations are provided
  2. Another test by Häakon, this time pitting the Canon 400D vs Canon 350D for day-time, high-ISO shots — 100% image crops and a gallery of full-sized images are provided.
  3. Full-sized 2-minute exposures of the Rebel XT vs XTi at ISO800, f/32, in very dim to slightly less dim conditions. This test should be useful for those interested in using the 400D for astrophotography.
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