Canon XSi / 450D / Kiss X2

First published on: Thursday, 24 January 2008

This is the Canon EOS XSi / 450D / Kiss X2:

Canon XSi / 450D / Kiss X2

Download the Canon XSi / 450D Manual.

Check the price trend and in-stock availability for the XSi / 450D.


Wireless remote shutter release options for the XSi / 450D:

  1. Infrared — Phottix IR remote review, and other IR remotes.

  2. RF (radio frequency) — Phottix Cleon.

Canon 40D vs Canon 450D / Digital Rebel XSi

Unboxing my camera

I purchased a new XSi / 450D on a late Saturday afternoon of April 26th, 2008, and decided to take photos of the contents in the box for posterity.

There are 44 photos in this set, with each photo between 100 — 150 KB in size.

All the photos are hosted on in this set.

Please be patient and wait for all the photos to load.

Here’s the box in the shopping bag:
Canon XSi /450D box in a shopping bag

Front view of the box:
Front view of the Canon XSi / 450D box

4 views of the box:
Four views of the Canon XSi / 450D box

Here’s what greets you when you open the box:
Canon XSi / 450D box opened

There are two types of warranty — Malaysia (red) and international (green):
Canon XSi / 450D warranty

Two CDs are provided, Canon EOS Digital Solution Disk and Software Instruction Manual. I’ll be covering these in more detail in a future post.
Two software CDs that come with the Canon XSi / 450D

A plastic bag holds a bunch of reading material:
Reading material for the Canon XSi / 450D

There’s an EOS Rebel XSi / 450D pocket guide:
Canon XSi / 450D pocket guide

Here’s a warning by Canon stating that they won’t be liable for any equipment malfunction arising from the use of non-genuine Canon accessories:
Canon XSi / 450D warning sheet

A promotional brochure for Pixma printers:
Canon Pixma printers promotional brochure

195-page instruction manual:
Canon XSi / 450D instruction manual

A quick guide on photography with Canon IS (image stabilization) lenses:
Guide to photography with Canon IS lenses

Quick guide on photography with Canon macro lenses:
Guide to photography with Canon macro lenses

Brief overview of the bundled software:
Brief overview of the software bundled with the Canon XSi / 450D

We now open the inner flap of the box to reveal the second level:
Opening the inner box flap

The compartment on the right has the camera body, while the left compartment holds all the other supplied accessories:
Canon XSi / 450D and accessories in the box

The body is contained within a piece of paper-like wrapping material and bubble wrap:
Wrapping for the camera body

Let’s slowly remove the camera from the wrapping:
Removing the Canon XSi / 450D

There’s a tag that’s tied to the right strap mount eyelet. Let’s see what it says on the front …
Canon XSi / 450D tag

… and the back:
Canon XSi / 450D tag

Here’s a full view of the front of the camera:
Canon XSi/ 450D -- front view

Then, on the right:
Canon XSi / 450D -- right view

The left:
Canon XSi / 450D left view

Canon XSi / 450D -- bottom view

And finally, the view from the top:
Canon XSi / 450D -- top view

Official Canon 450D Gallery

2 full-sized sample images are provided:

  1. Sample #1 — ISO 200 portrait shot with the EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM lens, EXIF
    Canon 450D / XSi sample portrait

  2. Sample #2 — ISO 400 Cyclists, sports photo taken with the Canon 400mm f2.8L IS USM lens, EXIF

  3. Canon 450D / XSi cycling sports image


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