Canon T4i Manual — PDF Download Available Now

First published on: Monday, 24 September 2012

Canon T4i Manual and Guide

Whether you’re still thinking of buying the Canon EOS T4i (also know as the 650D / Kiss X6i) or you already own the camera, nothing beats reading the owner’s manual cover-to-cover to get a comprehensive understanding of operating the camera, camera settings, features and the available range of functionality.

Canon has officially released two Adobe PDF instruction manuals that you can download to your device or view in your browser by right-clicking or tapping the links below:

  1. Canon EOS Rebel T4i / EOS 650D Instruction Manual — 25.68 MB, 372 pages.
  2. Canon EOS Rebel T4i / EOS 650D Quick Reference Guide — 1.86 MB, 2 pages.

If the direct download links didn’t work for you, visit Canon USA’s official Brochures & Manuals page for the T4i and download from there. You’ll also find related software manuals.

The manuals are not password-protected, so you are able to print them.

There is a “Copy” watermark displayed on every page though, and you cannot copy text from the PDFs without a password, which Canon doesn’t reveal.

The system map on pages 312 and 313 is a helpful tool for understanding what lenses and accessories can be used with the T4i.

Canon T4i System Map -- Lens and Accessories

Here’s a sampling of what you can learn from the manual:

  1. The T4i is compatible with Canon’s GP-E2 GPS receiver. You can download the GP-E2 Manual for more information.

  2. Chapter 8 is dedicated to wireless flash photography which uses the camera’s internal, pop-up flash to wirelessly control and trigger up to two groups of external Speedlite flash units.

  3. Compatible remote control units are Canon’s infrared (IR) RC-6 and RS-60E3 remote switch cable. Canon doesn’t make a timer remote for the T4i, so if you require one, consider one of several alternative, third-party shutter release timer controls. Read this article for the T1i / 500D (which is still largely relevant to the T4i) if you’re interested in various remote control solutions.

The manual lists the following power-related accessories for the T4i:

  1. Battery pack LP-E8

  2. Battery charger LC-E8 or LC-E8E

  3. Battery grip BG-E8

  4. Battery magazine BGM-E8L for two LP-E8 battery packs

  5. Battery magazine BGM-E8A for size-AA / LR6 batteries

  6. AC Adapter Kit ACK-E8 which consists of Compact Power Adapter CA-PS700 and DC Coupler DR-E8


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