Canon SX260 HS Manual — PDF Download Available Now

First published on: Monday, 8 October 2012

Canon SX260 HS Manual

Regardless of whether you’re still thinking of buying the Canon PowerShot SX260 HS or you already own the camera, nothing beats reading the owner’s manual cover-to-cover to get a comprehensive understanding of operating the camera, camera settings, features and the available range of functionality.

Canon has officially released two Adobe PDF instruction manuals that you can download to your device or view in your browser by right-clicking or tapping the links below:

  1. Canon PowerShot SX260 HS — Camera User Guide – 12.95 MB, 246 pages
  2. Canon PowerShot SX260 HS — Getting Started – 2.32 MB, 36 pages.

If the direct download links didn’t work for you, visit Canon USA’s official Brochures & Manuals page for the SX260 HS and download from there.

The manuals are not password-protected, so you are able to print them.

There is a “Copy” watermark displayed on every page though, and copying text from the PDFs do require a password.

Macro mode on the SX260HS only works when the lens is zoomed out to maximum wide angle, so the reproduction ratio (how large the subject appears in the final photo) wouldn’t be sufficient for photographers who want to snap pictures of bugs or very tiny objects. According to the specifications on page 32 of the Getting Started guide, the focus range is a non-impressive 5–50 cm (2.0 in.–1.6 ft.) in macro mode.

Chapter 9 (starts on Page 195) of the Camera User Guide focuses on accessories. Some of the accessories are listed below for your reference:

  1. Battery Pack NB-6L — rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  2. Battery Charger CB-2LY/CB-2LYE — charger for Battery Pack NB-6L

  3. High-Power Flash HF-DC2 — external flash for illuminating subjects that are out of range of the bult-in flash

  4. Waterproof Case WP-DC46 — for underwater photography at depths of up to 40 meters (130 ft.), or for shooting in adverse conditions such as in the rain, at the beach, or on ski slopes

  5. Waterproof Case Weight WW-DC1 — prevents the WP-DC46 waterprrof case from floating during underwater photography

  6. Stereo AV Cable AVC-DC400ST — connect the camera to a TV to enjoy playback on the larger screen

  7. HDMI Cable HTC-100 — for connecting the camera to an HDMI input of a high-definition TV

  8. PictBridge-Compatible Y and PIXMA Series of Printers — you can print directly from the camera while connected to these printers&emdash;there’s no need to use a computer

  9. Eye-Fi SDHC memory cards — for transferring images from your camera to a computer or uploading to the web, all done wirelessly


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