Canon S90 Samples

First published on: Monday, 12 October 2009

This page is a collection of photo samples taken with the Canon PowerShot S90, plus related image galleries, user pictures and other examples that I’ve come across in forums, online communities, blogs and related websites.

Canon S90

This should help in determining if the image quality of the Image Stabilized (IS) S90 meets your expectations.

Bear in mind that the majority of these photos are re-sized, and may have gone through post-processing, retouching or other edits. I just thought that it would be interesting to see, at a glance, what Canon S90 owners and users are shooting with their camera.

Full-sized images, where available, will assist with judging the image quality.

Attribution is given by linking to the source and where available, the author’s homepage or photo gallery.

Canon G11 and Canon S90 side-by-side shots by Mikegoat

Canon G11 and Canon S90 images side by side, by Mikegoat

The images are reduced in size, but for what it’s worth, this comparison shows that it’s difficult to distinguish the differences, if any, in image quality between the G11 and S90.

Mikegoat took these photos in RAW mode and had them processed via the bundled Digital Photo Professional software.

“Nostalgic” scene mode on the Canon S90 — Two example photos, by ebrandon

"Nostalgic" scene mode on the Canon S90 -- Two example photos, by ebrandon

You’ll find both images at the end of ebrandon’s post. Ebrandon remarks:

On the plus side for the S90, it has a “Nostalgic” scene mode which can take either straight black & white pictures, or somewhat gimmicky but really cool high-contrast grainy black & white pictures. The G11 lacks this mode.

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