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First published on: Monday, 16 April 2007

Last update: New, reduced price on the Powershot TX1

$386.49 buys you this amazing two-in-one camcorder and digital camera from Canon. Not only does it boast of the ability to take 7.1 MP (Megapixel) images, the Canon TX1 with an elegant all-metal construction is perfectly capable of taking videos with HD (High Definition) quality at 1,280 x 720 pixels, 30 fps (frames per second), something no other digicam (at the time of writing) on the market can do.

Canon Powershot TX1

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Other impressive specifications are the 10x, zoom lens that goes from 39 to 390mm, a shift-type stabilization feature built into the lens that minimizes image blur from handshake and the latest version of Canon’s face-detection functionality that also works in movie mode.

Ultimately, however, we’re concerned with the quality of images and videos that we can practically obtain from this camera, and I’ve linked up to some interesting samples for your perusal.

Review Samples

Photos with the TX-1 under this category are those that appear on professional camera or video review sites.

TX-1 Photo and Video Samples at

Canon Powershot TX1 In Your Hand at Japanese site has an impressive collection of image samples. More significant though, is its database of sample videos — prepare for enough bandwidth on your end to download these video clips for your evaluation. Click on the first thumbnail in this page to view a larger image of how small (approximately the size of the Canon PowerShot “point-and-shoot” Elph series of cameras) the TX1 is in your hands.

Canon Powershot TX1 Product Images at
Click here to view a gallery of Powershot TX1 product shots photographed from every conceivable angle — press [Page Down] a couple of times when you arrive at the page.

Extensive collection of TX1 video clip samples at’s where it gets more interesting. Scroll down past the half-way point of this page and you’ll be rewarded with an extensive collection of movie clips taken with the TX1. As mentioned before, the files are huge, but if I had to pick one, download the video of the model (ezsm1.avi). In this clip, she walks towards the camera, and the effectiveness of the face-detection autofocus mechanism at work is demonstrated very nicely.

Powershot TX1 Review Samples at Canon Powershot TX1 review at presents a nice series of sample pics, and even an ISO series that go all the way up to ISO 1600.

I personally find the TX1 ISO1600 test photo to be quite good — yes, there is visible noise, but the noise reduction algorithm does not produce smearing or painting-like artifacts. On the whole, the pictures are reasonably sharp, for a 10x zoom lens, with good color.

Official TX1 Samples

Official Powershot TX1 sample pictures at’ll find seven images shot with the Powershot TX1, with quite a nice variety of scenes from portraits, to still photography, to sunsets, to night landscapes. The image quality is reasonable. They won’t outclass the photos from, say the Powershot G7, but if you’re only going to print at 4 x 6 or thereabouts, you won’t notice the slight levels of chroma noise in the shadow areas of the pictures (noticeable even at ISO 80). Full specifications and explanation for some of the key features and functionality found in the TX1 are also conveniently located at that page.

User Samples

TX1 samples by Thadoe HeinThadoe Hein seems to be one of the first Powershot TX1 owners (purchased his unit from Alan Photo, Sim Lim Square), and he shares eight images taken with the new camera, and a brief review in this forum post. There’s also a link in there to the full-sized, unedited photos. He dialed in -1/3 exposure compensation due to the strong sun and high contrast in the scenes. Quite interesting were his comparisons of the TX1 vs the Powershot SD800 IS (the TX1 is sharper in image corners), vs the Powershot SD700 IS (more incidences of red eye when shooting flash with the TX1) and vs his Sony Handycam camcorder (equal in VGA video quality although low-light videos from the TX1 are noisier). Click here to access the link to a 1280 x 720 (720p), 30 fps video uploaded by Thadoe.


We can perhaps reach the conclusion that the TX1 produces images and video clips of reasonable levels of quality, although it does not have the same level of still image quality as its other brethren in the Powershot range.

However, for those seeking the convenience of a video camera and a digital camera bundled into a single package, it’s hard to find a better two-in-one than the TX-1.

Just make sure you get one (or several) SDHC card with the largest capacity (say 8GB, class 4 to 6) you can afford in order to accommodate your video shooting spree.

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