Canon Powershot S5 IS Samples

First published on: Monday, 6 August 2007

Here’s a collection of links to image samples and galleries of photos shot with the Canon Powershot S5 IS.

Sample images at

Note: This is a Japanese camera review site. Click the thumbnails on the destination pages to view a larger version of the images:
This page has images of included accessories and the S5 IS fitted with various converter lenses, namely (click the links in the following list if you would like to read the reviews and purchase the item):
Canon TC-DC58B Tele Converter Lens
Canon WC-DC58A Wide Converter Lens
Canon LAH-DC20 Conversion Lens Adapter (LA-DC58E) and Hood (LH-DC40) Set
• In this review, there are sample photos shot with the S5 IS plus the Canon WC-DC58A Wide Converter Lens (photos with focal length = 27mm). There’s also an ISO series shot outdoors during the daytime from ISO 80 to ISO 800 and ISO 1600.
• In the third gallery, you have lab testing of the S5 IS at all ISO values, and photos comprising flower and miscellaneous closeups, scenery and the obligatory brick wall shots at various focal lengths.

Miscellaneous user photos

Old pickup truck
Lovely rust in this photo. The white balance is just a bit off, being a bit on the bluish side.

S5 IS closeup set by Elery S.Oxford
There are flowers and one hairy spider photo

Photo series by Matt Long
We’ve got a nice variety of zoo shots, scenery and a mix of flora and animal photos.

The contrast looks a bit weird for my taste, but you get a pretty good idea of the flexibility the S5’s zoom range offers you.

View more of Matt’s S5 IS photos here (look out for the galleries with S5IS in the label, and make sure you view the images at “Original” size)

White Shepherd portrait
A closeup of a fly follows immediately after.

Three pictures
At a NY Yankees vs SF Giants baseball game, Yosemite National Park and San Francisco Zoo

Excellent colors in these
A display case inside a bakery, and two urban shots. He had taken the photos with the S5 IS in “Positive Film mode” (which “Combines Vivid Red, Vivid Green and Vivid Blue to achieve a positive film effect”, according to He also shared three more shots taken with studio lighting — the first one is superb!

Series by Chris Payne
The first two are underexposed, but the mushroom shot and closeup of a flower with a bee in it are lovely.

Green lizard
Fantastic color and light in this S5 IS photo by Paul Bettini.

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