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First published on: Saturday, 11 July 2009

Last update (Jul 14, 2009): Canon Powershot D10 Review at

This post is a compilation of links to the following resources on the Canon Powershot D10:

  1. Professional and user reviews, owner opinions and experiences, tests, ratings, conclusions and feedback.

  2. Sample photos and examples, image galleries and user pictures, movie / video clips and footage.

Professional and user reviews, owner opinions and experiences, tests, ratings, conclusions and feedback

Canon Powershot D10 Review at

Rating Score: 82, and the verdict:

The Powershot D10 has a distinctive, fun look that means it will not get mistaken for any other digital camera. It has a number of robust features and is waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof to varying degrees. It takes a good snap and is well worth a close look.

The review also includes a gallery of web-sized test shots, consisting of landscapes / scenics, portraits and macros / close-ups.

Canon PowerShot D10 review at Engadget

Canon PowerShot D10 review at Engadget

Darren Murph, the reviewer, had this to say about the camera’s ruggedness:

So, now that we’ve ran you through the basics, let’s talk toughness. Canon advertises this shooter as one that’s cut out for adventure, and after surviving more adventures in a week than we’ve faced in the entire year prior, we’d have to say it really delivers here. The camera didn’t flinch after being drug through sand, shoved under salty waters for hours on end or banged up against a surfboard. It even managed to go mano-e-mano with a number of slippery rocks during a white water rafting tour, and it somehow escaped with only minor scratches. Frankly, we were shocked at how well the PowerShot D10 managed to handle abuse, and at the end of the week, everything still functioned like new.

… and, on image quality …

In a word, it’s solid. When you consider that this is an “underwater camera,” which typically arrive with lackluster image quality as a trade off for their adeptness in the seas, we’d say this is easily one of the best we’ve seen. While out of water, we generated results that were on par, if not slightly better than our SD850 IS

They’ve also shared two video clip samples in the review. I like the second slip which has some marine fish swimming around.

Canon Powershot D10 Waterproof Camera Review at Digital Camera HQ

Michael Patrick Brady, the reviewer, concludes:

As a digital camera, the D10 performs fine. As a waterproof, shockproof digital camera, it’s very good. Is it the best waterproof, shockproof model out there right now? If I had to choose, I’d probably still go with the Panasonic TS1. However, the cuteness and simplicity of the D10 would make it a great choice for families heading out on vacation, especially if they’d like to hand off the camera to the kids every once in a while without worrying that it’s going to get broken.

Check out the 5 full-resolution sample photos, and the two video clips comparing the D10 with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1 / DMC-FT1 (waterproof test and drop test).

Canon PowerShot D10 Review at DigitalCameraReview

Howard Creech, the reviewer, verified that the water-sealing worked as advertised.

Interesting is Canon’s innovation that allows you to attach a wrist strap to any of the four corners of the camera.

Howard concludes:

There really isn’t much to complain about with the D10. It’s cheaper than the closest competitor from Olympus, it goes a little deeper than many of the other underwater cameras in its class, and it has the toughest wrist strap ever to grace a compact digital. I’ve been using Canons for more than 10 years and I’ve only been disappointed once. That’s because Canon seems to know what consumers want and they deliver cameras that are affordable, easy to use, feature rich, fairly compact, relatively quick, and capable of consistently producing excellent images.

Canon D10 hands-on by PhotographyBlog

PB has posted photos of the Powershot D10 in their Canon D10 Hands-On post.

The D10 they played around with sports the Camouflage fascia. Additional faceplates available are orange and gray.

First impressions by Robert Anderson

Robert has written out a nice, to-the-point list of opinions on his new D10 in this forum post:

  1. Smaller than I expected. It will fit in my PFD (lifejacket) pocket.

  2. Difficult to hold with wet hands. It needs a finger grip on the front.

  3. Strap can be attached on any corner. Cool.

  4. Button layout is OK except Wide/Tele seems backwards from normal.

  5. Screen is bright enough to use in sunlight, better than most i have used.

  6. Start up and focus times are pretty quick.

  7. Battery charger is nice size with fold up plug, no cord.

  8. Image quality looks very good, better than I expected, way better than my Pentax W60.

  9. Slight softness in corners at wide angle but not really a problem. This one looks much better than some I had seen samples from online.

  10. Some Jpeg artifacts visible in smooth background at 100% viewing on computer screen.

  11. f/2.8 lens allows some background blurring. Bokeh not that pretty.

  12. Very good exposure and white balance.

In another post, Robert had the following to say on comparing the D10 vs the Pentax Optio W60:

As far as LCD viewing in bright light, the Pentax was OK but not great. My Canon D10 is much better in this regard. The Canon is much more responsive, faster to start up and in shot to shot time.

Sample photos and examples, image galleries and user pictures, movie / video clips and footage

Canon PowerShot D10 Digital Camera Samples — Express Review Sample Images at The Imaging Resource

Canon PowerShot D10 Digital Camera Samples -- Express Review Sample Images at The Imaging Resource

This page is full of links to laboratory-type test photos. Each thumbnail has the necessary, essential EXIF data.

ISO performance is also tested up to ISO 3200.

User samples by Robert Anderson

Robert is definitely the most prolific poster of full-sized D10 images on

See his “obligatory cat picture“, with a link in there to the full-resolution sample. Read also the settings for that photo, plus links to two more images straight out of the camera.

His photos taken with the D10 on a kayaking trip also attest to the durability of the camera. Robert says:

The camera is very responsive, turns on instantly, ready to shoot and focuses quickly. I started out at ISO 200 but got fast enough shutter speeds to drop down to 100. The image stabilization works very well. I took over 130 shots, mostly from the kayak and not one was blurry. The LCD screen was easy to see in bright sun, better than any other one I have used.

This post has a variety of test images, portraits, landscape, architecture and a flower macro / close-up. I think this head shot portrait is extremely sharp and detailed.

Canon PowerShot D10 Review Sample Photos at What Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot D10 Review Sample Photos at What Digital Camera

There are a ton of test D10 photos embedded in the review, plus additional real-world, full-resolution sample images at the end.

See this full-body portrait of a skateboader to get an idea of the image and lens quality you can get from the Powershot D10.

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