Canon PowerShot A640

First published on: Wednesday, 18 October 2006

The 10MP, 35-140mm focal length Canon A640 replaces two of the earlier PowerShot models, namely the Canon A610 and A620.

Get the PowerShot A640 specifications, press release and product images at

What follows are links to interesting discussions, reviews and other related information on the Canon PowerShot A640.

Canon A640 vs Canon G7

Robert Deutsch notes that the A640 is similar in size to the Canon PowerShot G7. In deciding between the two models, you’d need to balance the availability of IS (image stabilization) and 6x zoom on the G7 vs the lower price and variable-angle LCD on the A640.

Robert also does a summary of ratings of the A640 and G7 from the reviews of the respective cameras in Chasseur d’Images magazine, and notes that the PowerShot A640 comes out slightly ahead in terms of overall value and image quality for the money.

Canon A640 vs Canon A620

• Gtown1 decided to wait for the A640 because of the higher resolution (10MP vs 7.1) and higher maximum ISO value (ISO800 vs ISO400).
• Jim V. finds the perceived resolution on the A640 to be better than the A620. Also, the A640 produces perfectly useable images up to ISO400.

Canon A640 vs A630 vs A620

Jim V. contributed this fantastic comparison, with full-sized image samples of the same scene from the three different PowerShot models. Note also the this corrected link for the ISO200 series.

Canon A640 / A630 vs Canon A710 IS

Read this very detailed writeup by DanCee summarizing the pros and cons of the A630 / A640 vs the Canon PowerShot A710 IS. A preference for image stabilization, and greater zoom power in a slimmer body means the A710 IS would be the more suitable camera. The A630 / A640 would have a slightly better image quality due to their larger sensor.
Another way of looking at the difference between the PowerShot A640 vs the A710 IS: The A710 IS has image stabilization, but no articulated LCD, whereas the A640 has no IS, but more megapixels and an articulated LCD — take your pick.
I probably wouldn’t place too much emphasis on the following comparison, but this French site allows you to quickly compare crops and full-sized images of their test scene from two cameras, for example, this is an A710 IS vs A640 100% crop comparison.

Official Canon PowerShot A640 websites

  1. Canon Japan
  2. PowerShot A640 at Canon USA — has a little product tour too.

Canon PowerShot A640 Reviews

  1. Even if you might not be able to read Japanese, head over to for some product shots of the A640 with accessories and other sample images. Here’s another A640 page from the same site.
  2. Steve’s Digicam: Review | Conclusion | Sample Images

Download software and manuals for the Canon A640

This is a direct link to the download area of Canon USA where you can grab driver or software for the PowerShot A640, and also various operation manuals and user guides.

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