Canon G12 Battery Life

First published on: Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The following Canon G12 battery life numbers (how many photos can be taken before power from the Canon NB-7L 7.4V, 1050mAh Lithium Ion battery pack runs out) is extracted from the Canon G12 Manual and the Canon G12 Specifications page.

All figures are calculated based on CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association) testing standards (see the section titled “Standard Procedure for Measuring Digital Still Camera Battery Consumption” for more information), and assuming the following power supply condition:

  1. One fully-charged Canon NB-7L.

Approximate Number of Shots

  1. LCD Monitor On: 370
  2. LCD Monitor Off: 1000

Playback time: Approximately 7 hours.

In Quick Shot mode, the camera continuously adjusts focus and exposure, and this leads to rapid depletion of battery power. The approximate number of shots that can be taken in this mode with the LCD turned on is 310.

Unfortunately, separate battery life figures are not provided for movie shooting and photography at various temperatures.

Other Battery Life Factors

In the G12 Manual, Canon advised the following:

  • To protect the battery and prolong its life, do not charge it for longer than 24 hours continuously.


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