Canon G1 X

First published on: Tuesday, 10 January 2012

This is the Canon PowerShot G1 X:

Canon G1 X

The G1X is the first digital compact camera from Canon to feature a large, CMOS sensor that is similar in size to the APS-C sensors found in their DSLR (digital SLR) cameras. From the press release:

It’s Canon’s first compact camera to feature a large, 4:3 aspect, 14.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor measuring 18.7mm x 14mm — similar in height to the APS-C sensors used within EOS DSLR models. Featuring the same pixel size and structure as the EOS 600D, and a surface area approximately 6.3 times larger than the sensor in the acclaimed PowerShot G12, it provides DSLR image quality in a body small enough to carry anywhere.

The increased sensor size allows photographers to have greater control over the depth of field, with increased potential to creatively and artistically isolate a subject from its background. Improved dynamic range enables users to accurately capture shadows and highlights within the same frame, while the 14.3 Megapixel resolution allows for the output of large-sized prints, or permits images to be cropped for more powerful compositions.

It has an articulating rear LCD preview screen.

Download the Canon G1 X Manual.

Sample Photos

View the official, full-resolution G1 X photo samples at Canon USA.
Canon G1 X -- Official, full-resolution photo samples

Full-resolution JPEG sample photos (includes a half-body portrait) and straight-from-the-camera, original RAW (.CR2) files, courtesy of Focus Numérique.
Canon G1 X -- Full-resolution JPEG and original RAW files for download


Really close macro photography with the G1 X is not possible without a close-up lens such as the highly-recommended Canon 250D. Here are links to further information on shooting macros and close-ups with the G1 X:

  1. G1X + 250D Closeup Filter produces interesting PICS

  2. G1X + 250D = Pro1 ‘Super Macro’ 2.0 (PICS)

  3. 250D is far superior, G1X: Macro and G1X: Flower Macros


The Canon G1 X was announced on Jan 9, 2012. Read the press release on

Official Canon G1 X page at Canon USA.


Canon cameras – Main page.

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