Canon A3000 IS Manual — PDF Available For Download

First published on: Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Canon Powershot A3000 IS

The English Language Canon Powershot A3000 IS owner’s manual / operating instructions (Canon calls it the “PowerShot A3000 IS Camera User Guide”) is now online and available for download at (right-click and save the user guide to your hard drive).

Canon A3000 IS Manual

If the download link for the A3000IS user manual didn’t work for you, go to the Brochures & Manuals download section for the A3000 IS and manually locate the PSA3100IS_3000IS_CUG_EN.pdf file.

Unlike with Nikon, Canon allows you to freely print the Powershot A3000 owner’s handbook without building in any password protection into the PDF. There is a watermark displayed on each page though.

The file size of 148-page Canon A3000 Adobe Acrobat PDF document is 3.4 MB (megabytes).

The guide discusses the features of the A3000, camera settings and tips on how to use the camera.

You’ll find details of compatible accessories for the A3000 IS on pages 38 through 40. Two examples are:

  1. Canon ACK-DC60 AC Adapter Kit. This kit lets you use household power to keep the camera running for an extended period of time, or when connecting the camera to a computer or printer. It cannot, however, be used to charge the battery inside the camera.

  2. High-Power Flash HF-DC1

Accessories for the Canon A3000 IS, found on pages 38 through 40 of the Canon A3000 Manual

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