Canon 60D

First published on: Friday, 3 September 2010

This is the Canon EOS 60D:

Canon 60D

It has an articulating rear LCD preview screen.

Download the Canon 60D Manual.

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Hands-On Preview on Engadget
A brief hands-on video review of the Canon 60D by Engadget

Here’s a summary of Engadget’s brief video review of the Canon 60D:

  1. The 60D had the Canon 55-250mm zoom lens mounted on it.

  2. Build quality feels solid and doesn’t feel like a cheap camera.

  3. Shows how the articulating LCD works.

  4. The dedicated movie mode, which is accessed via the mode wheel, changes the menu settings on the camera to be more specific for shooting video. For instance, the Live View button becomes the start / stop button in this mode. The menus change to give you direct access to movie exposure and sound recording modes. You get to select manual for sound recording mode which then allows you to manually set the recording level — a dB meter is also displayed.


Full-resolution photos at Impress, shot using a Sigma 18-200mm II DC OS HSM lens.
Sigma 18-200mm II plus Canon 60D -- Full-resolution sample photos


Official Canon 60D page at Canon USA.

Canon cameras — Main page.

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