Canon 5D Mark II movie and video clip samples

First published on: Thursday, 27 November 2008

Last update (Jan 21, 2009): Link to full-sized 5D Mark 2 movie clip on Imaging Resoure.

This page has annotated links to sample movies and video clips taken with the Canon 5D Mark II digital SLR camera.

You might like to read more about the movie mode / video capture capability on the Canon 5D Mark II.

First, a couple of notes about video clips hosted on

This is the best place for updated Canon 5D Mark II video footage, which is mostly shot by enthusiast videographers. Be sure to subscribe to the 5D2 channels, Canon5DMark2 and Canon5DMKII.

For best viewing results, make sure you turn on the HD option, which appears whenever you hover your mouse over the video.
Make sure HD mode is switched ON when viewing Canon 5D Mark II movies

You can download these 5DM2 clips to play on your HDTV (high-definition TV). To download the original video files on Vimeo, you’d first have to create a free (and fuss-free) login. Then, on the relevant video page, scroll down until you see this download icon on the right:
Vimeo download icon for the original video file

5D Mark II movie / video samples

Full-sized 5D Mark II clip on Imaging Resource

Read the full 5D Mark II review for a link to the video clip (or you can right-click on this link and save it to your had drive).
Full-sized Canon 5D Mark II movie clip at Imaging Resource

The 1080p clip is only 9.86 seconds in duration, but takes up 52.27.MB. Imaging Resource says:

The Canon 5D Mark II is capable of offering both the Lens Peripheral Illumination Correction and Auto Lighting Optimizer functions for its movie capture mode as well as for stills.

Dahang’s Baby

5D Mark II video by dahang

This quick video of a gorgeous, 19-day old son was taken with a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 lens on the 5D2.

Official samples on Canon Japan
Official Canon EOS 5D Mark II sample movies

There are eight sample movies shown there. A variety of Canon lenses were used to shoot the movies. No original files are made available for download, what you see there have already been converted to Flash for web viewing.

Additionally, original movie files for two samples have been hosted at (near the bottom of the page), each file is 200+ MB in size.
Official Canon EOS 5D Mark II movie files -- full-sized, original files straight from the camera, and hosted at

Direct links to the eight, size-reduced samples:

  1. Sample Movie 1 — Night Downtown Scene, EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM

  2. Sample Movie 2 — Daytime Scene — EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye

  3. Sample Movie 3 — Lady Posing, Daytime, EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM

  4. Sample Movie 4 — Lady Posing, Nighttime, EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM

  5. Sample Movie 5 — Night Scene, TS-E 45mm f/2.8 Tilt Shift

  6. Sample Movie 6 — Landscape, EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM

  7. Sample Movie 7 — Sunset / Sunrise Landscape, EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM

  8. Sample Movie 8 — On-coming Vehicles, EF 300mm f/4L IS USM

Canon EOS 5D Mark II film in Lisbon

This video is the source of a discussion on where they noticed the lack of wobble / skew / “jello” / rolling shutter artifacts commonly seen in Nikon D90 video footage.

Phil Askey says something similar, that he had not encountered any significant rolling shutter problems on the 5DM2. clip

I don’t think there’s anything worth watching in this video, except that you can see a neat 5D Mark II video feature in action, which is this … Anytime you want to take a full-resolution, 21MP (or whatever image size is currently set on your camera) still photo, just press the shutter button, and all you lose is a 1-second gap in the video.

Canon 5D Mark II footage by Alan Doyle

This section links to 5D2 video uploaded by Mr. Doyle.

Pixel Peep

A short one focusing on her facial expressions. I got to know that this video was taken with the 5D2 from a related video which showed the effects of color-correction done in Final Cut Pro.

Untitled, by Alan Doyle

Canon EOS 5D MK11 and Leica 35-70mm f/3.5
Canon EOS 5D MK11 and Leica 35-70mm f/3.5, by Alan Doyle

Fabulous bokeh with this lens. Nice quality in the video and audio.

Pied Fantail by U.P. Vargas Museum

Pied Fantail video by U.P. Vargas Museum

Excellent clarity, sharpness and detail in this video that was taken with a Canon 400mm f/2.8L and 2X teleconverter.

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