Canon 5D (Mark 1) User Reviews and Impressions

First published on: Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Read what actual EOS 5D (Mark 1) owners have to say about their experiences with the camera.

  1. Why Brandon Berg ditched his 30D for the 5D
  2. The Canon 5D vs Canon 20D in matters of DOF (depth-of-field) — view 3 crops comparing 5D, focal length of 100mm @ f/2.8, vs 20D, focal length of 50mm @ f/1.4, vs 5D, focal length of 85mm @ f/1.8. The 5D also has much lower noise, even at ISO1000.
  3. The 5D has better dynamic range, and yields sharper images, than the Canon 10D and 20D.
  4. Autofocus performance; 5D vs Canon 30D: The 5D is much faster in AF, making it more suitable for sports / children activities.
  5. More pixels for cropping: If choosing the 5D over the Canon 30D, this is an important factor to consider.
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