Canon 40D ISO 1600 Photos — See and Believe

First published on: Tuesday, 6 July 2010

“Bronxbombers” has posted what is, in my opinion, the best Canon 40D ISO 1600 pictures I’ve seen so far, both in terms of image content, and also in terms of the quality of the “grain” in the pics.

Canon 40D ISO 1600 photos by Bronxbombers
(Two full-sized, unedited ISO 1600 JPEG images from the Canon 40D)

Follow this link to see the full-sized images, which come straight out of the camera with absolutely no post-processing.

The bar has been raised for high ISO, available light photography samples with the 40D — I simply can’t find any fault with the color, contrast, detail and sharpness of the images considering the ISO they were shot at.

Although inconclusive, it looks that High ISO NR (noise reduction) looks to have been switched On for these photos, based on the lack of visible chroma (color) noise.

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