Before you open Nikon D300 RAW files in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom 2

First published on: Monday, 15 September 2008

If you’re getting error messages when opening Nikon D300 RAW / NEF files in Adobe Photoshop CS3 or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0, be sure to download the latest version of the Photoshop Camera RAW plug-in, which, at the time of writing, is in Version 4.5.

Further down the linked page is a list of supported cameras, and the Nikon D300 is clearly listed:
Nikon D300 NEF / RAW file support in the Photoshop Camera RAW plug-in

I wrote this short post in response to this thread on DPReview, where Ray_man encountered the following message when he tried to open a Nikon D300 RAW / NEF file in Photoshop CS3:
“Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document.”

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