More Reasons to Upgrade to the 20D from the 30D

First published on: Monday, 28 July 2008

Brian, an ex-Canon 20D owner, talks about how the untimely “death” of his 20D led him to discover the benefits of the added features found in his new 30D, and gives some quick impressions comparing the 20D vs 30D.

This post continues from: Which should you buy — Canon 20D vs 30D?

What he liked on the 30D:

  1. Bigger RAW buffers (has space to store 11 RAW image files compared to only 6 on the 20D)

  2. No more irritating folders created in the memory card

  3. The selected focusing point is shown in the histogram mode of image feedback — very handy

  4. Playback mode remembers the picture you last viewed, so that if you exited and then hit the play button again, that picture is shown

  5. Spot metering

The original thread is here.

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